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Energy Blanket

Based on original work by Wilhelm Reich, the Energy Blanket was developed to help induce the body and mind to rest, recover and re-energize. Orgone energy was the term coined by Reich referring to the subtle body energy that is part of our manifold being which is said to get depleted or disordered due to internal and external influences. The Energy Blanket reflects away external energies that may be influencing the body and reflects back to itself the body's own energies. The blanket helps the body to energetically re-compose itself. It is widely used as a stand-alone treatment and also be use together with SCENAR therapy. More information ...

The Energy Blanket is compatible with pharmacotherapy.
Use as a blanket or to wrap up a specific treatment zone.
General wrapping should be used from 10 – 30 minutes.
For best results wear only cotton, linen or silk while wrapped in the blanket.
Do not bath/shower for 1-2 hours before and after treatment.


The Energy Blankets should not be used in the following conditions:

  • Acute infectious diseases and feverish conditions with unclear diagnosis;
  • Active forms of tuberculosis;
  • Sharp heart attack myocardium;
  • Cardiac and cardiopulmonary insufficiency.

Healing compound blanket is patented device. All rights reserved.

Modifications of Energy Blanket - by special order

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