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Scenar Pro

What differentiates the SCENAR from any other instrument of healing is that in both sending and receiving signals, it is actually “talking” to the body. It is, in effect, a machine with artificial intelligence. It reads electromagnetic signals from your skin and then, based on its reading, sends a specific frequency signal to the brain. As this electromagnetic “dialogue” takes place, the SCENAR continuously changes its out-put signals from previous signals. This process is called "Reflex Biofeedback™", which is an ongoing, reflex conversation that proceeds at real-time, in biological speed and requires no conscious mental activity.
Jane G. Goldberg, PhD
Device parameters, SCENAR Pro for medical professionals
Diagnostic Mode Integral dose and null, Differential dose
Screening 1 mode
Dose indication Sound and symbolic
Damping 4 constant modes, 1 variable mode
Amplitude modulation 1 : 1, 2 : 1, 3 : 1, 4 : 1, 5 : 1
Frequency modulation 30 - 120 Hz, cycle 7 sec; swing (4 modes)
Influencing impulse frequencies 15-350 Hz
Intensity 1 … 8
The duration of gaps between impulses in a packet Z 200 … 1600 sec
Amplitude of the stimulating pulse at a standard load (1,7-2,5) … (100-150) V
Indicator Graphic LCD with backlight
Number of personal sets of parameters Up to 5
Power supply Standard AAA battery; three 1.5V alkaline batteries

Technical description
  • Automatic adaptation (automatic setting of the output electric impulse of a special complex form, according to electromagnetic feedback from the patient);
  • Direct activation of the body reserves by automatic adjustment of the device parameters;
  • IDM: Integral dose and null, Differential dose;
  • Sound and symbolic dose indication;
  • 2 years warranty
SCENAR Pro is a professional electro-bio-controlled device ideal for pain management in various functional and pathological processes.
SCENAR does not treat a particular disease or condition; it stimulates the body’s own healing ability.

Although SCENAR therapy is a non-invasive, natural medicine, DO NOT uses it if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Individual intolerance (hyper sensitization);
  • Heart pacemaker;
  • Serious mental diseases;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Self-help in case of alcohol intoxication;
  • Acute infectious diseases of obscure origin.

RITM has successfully certified its products and activities.

SCENAR - is the culmination of researches, development and dialogue with clients.
The best model! Original quality is confirmed by clinical tests and certificates.

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