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We are thrilled to advise you that International SCENAR Conference will be held on November 17th – 20th, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.
This event will bring together practitioners, researchers and educators from around the world who are involved in SCENAR technology and therapy.
The Conference Program will include mind-provoking lectures, round table discussions, workshops and hands-on, demonstrations and plenary sessions to assure that attendees gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.
To download the invitation flyer please click HERE.
P.S. Feel free to share the attached invitation flyer with your colleagues and friends.

Logo Effects of SCENAR Therapy on Pain Modulation, Swelling, REflex Muscle Inhibition, Ankle Functional Status, and Recovery Time Following Acute Ankle Sprain.
Funded by Samueli Institute for Information Biology,
PI: Ann Gill Taylor , R.N., Ed.D
Dr. Susan Saliba has 18 years of clinical experience as both a physical therapist and athletic trainer. She currently teaches courses in the NATA Accredited Dr. Saliba has been recognized by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association for service and is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.
Research interests focus on establishing clinical efficacy for therapeutic interventions in sports medicine.
Dr. Saliba has been supported by the General Clinical Research Center for studies that have examined the use of intravenous fluids in football players, and mechanisms of iron deficiency in female athletes. She has also been funded by the NATA Foundation for a mechanistic study to examine clinical application of phonophoresis, a common therapeutic modality. She was recently awarded a grant by the Orthopedic Section of the APTA to investigate the use of cryotherapy and transcutaneous electrical stimulation on arthrogenic muscle inhibition in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Volume 14, Number 9, 2008, pp. 1075–1081
© Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
DOI: 10.1089/acm.2008.0305

Background and aims: Chronic neck pain is a common condition entailing the high cost of pharmacological treatment, but it has limited evidence of efficacy and side-effects. This study aims to examine the effectiveness of a new therapy, SCENAR therapy, on pain and disability in patients with chronic neck pain through comparison with Transcuteneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy.
Methods: We studied 30 elderly patients with chronic neck pain of more than 3 months duration. The subjects were randomized into two groups receiving (1) SCENAR therapy or (2)TENS therapy (control); three times a week for two weeks. The patients were assessed before and after 2-week treatment using three measuring tools such as Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), Neck Disability Index (NDI), and Range of Motion (ROM).
Results: The SCENAR group showed significantly improved results in NRS, NDI, and ROM after intervention, as did the TENS group. The comparison of mean changes in the SCENAR group(12.36) before and after intervention showed superior results in the NDI when compared with the TENS group(3.950).
Conclusion: The findings show that both SCENAR and TENS are effective treatment for patients with chronic neck pain. Patients who underwent SCENAR had a significant improvement in Neck Disability Index (NDI) than the TENS group.

R. Schukro, I. Mandl-Krusche, A. Kaider, S. Sator-Katzenschlager
With regard to the supply of pain patients and patients in Austria, it may indeed be structurally much to improve. The good news though is that there is in this country at any rate are many excellent pain specialist who can help shape the necessary positive change processes at all levels, not only, but also contribute through their scientific work significantly to the development of pain medicine, "reported on the occasion of the Congress of European pain EFIC Federation Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Likar, MSc (Klinikum Klagenfurt am Wörthersee), general secretary of the Austrian Pain Society (ÖSG) and representatives of the Council of the European ÖSG pain EFIC Federation.

I am happy that you appreciate my work. Thank you!

The European SCENAR Conference started in Vienna!.
Today is the first day of the European Conference on SCENAR therapy In Vienna. Our delegation is headed by ZAO OKB RITM general director Yury Starovoytov. He opened the conference with an opening speech.
Today the participants work in the common room where they can listen to the reports of the speakers. Yakov Grinberg who was RITM OKB ZAO general director prepared a report on the history of development of SCENAR divices, Michael Unakafov prepared the presentation about the secrets of efficiency of SCENAR devices. Professor Tarakanov spoke about the practical application of SCENAR therapy in clinical settings and its future development. The audience is looking forward to the reports of famous SCENAR therapists. Among them are Iosif Semikatov, Constantin Nikitin, Yuri Perfiliev, Natalia Loyko, Irina Kossovskaya, Georgiy Atanasov and Irina Ershova.
Though the conference is called European some participants came from different continents, for example North America.
The event is organized by RITM OKB ZAO (RU) with the help of RITMSCENAR OKB Inc (USA), RITM Europe s.r.o. (EU) and SCENAR Center Bulgaria. It is coincided with ZAO OKB RITM 35th anniversary.

New Double Shielded ULM Blankets.
Blanket We are delighted to announce that new ULM Double-Shielded Blankets are now patented in Russia.
RITM OKB ZAO received the Russian Patent 2551940 for ‘Device for multifactor therapeutic effects’ (by V. S. Grigoriev, Y. Z. Grinberg, Y. Y. Starovoytov, M. A. Unakafov).
The new blankets have improved shielding, better reflectance and durability. Well done RITM OKB!
We are pleased to inform our customers that the new Double Shielded ULM Blankets are now available. The new Energy blankets have a second multilayer shielding that makes them even more efficient and easy to use. The Energy blankets protect from harmful Electromagnetic Fields and balance the body’s own energy flow.

RITM OKB ZAO started a new US based enterprise.
LasVegas A new corporation RITMSCENAR OKB Inc. was established in the US with the majority interest belonging to RITM OKB ZAO. This company will be promoting RITM OKB ZAO products in the US market. The result of business meetings was the execution of the distribution agreements for a total amount of about $ 100 000. We are planning to create the US based manufacturing at the premises of RITMSCENAR OKB Inc.
RITM OKB ZAO general director Yury Starovoytov made presentation of the new SCENAR device modifications: professional device RITMSCENAR Super Pro and personal device RITMSCENAR Home Success. The unified price policy will be set for the entire product line all over the world.
Primary and basic SCENAR therapy trainings approved by the manufacturer have been delivered as a part of the business event in Las Vegas. The attendees received the corresponding certificates.


"We have been seeing fantastic results with our patients who report pain relief, better sleep and even a feeling of general well-being. Both Coach Karen and I are trained in RITM SCENAR therapy and we welcome the opportunity to alleviate your pain and begin the healing process. Once that happens, you can resume your exercise program and begin to lose more weight". more...

Badge RITM OKB ZAO received a badge of honor
"100 best goods of Russia"

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia" took place in Rostov-on-Don.
The golden badge of honor was granted to RITM OKB ZAO represented by the general director Yuri Starovoytov.
There were only two enterprises from Taganrog among the winners of the contest: we were in the same list with the world renowned BERIEV Aircraft Company, along with such industrial giants of Rostov region as LLC "EURODON", LLC "PC "NEVZ", JSC "ASTON" and some branches of GC "Yug Rusi".
OKB won in the category "Industrial goods for public use". It was announced before hand that the evaluation method is based on common European framework: product quality, safety, high consumer properties and competitiveness. This year another factor was supplemented – customer satisfaction. The applied device SCENAR-NT (RITMSCENAR Pro) fully conforms to these parameters.
Winning the contest enables us to use a golden logo "100 best goods of Russia" for the title-holder device in the next two years.

Brandy Scenar Therapy for Pain Relief: An Introduction with Case Studies.

Scenar therapy is different because with a small hand-held device you can apply certain "dosing" modes that allow you to take readings of impedance on the skin. These values will reliably help you pinpoint the source of pain and deliver treatment directly to that source. 
Brandy Rose Lipscomb, ND   
Scenar Therapy – it is likely that most of you have never heard of it, so allow me to briefly introduce you. The RITM Scenar medical device is a non-invasive biofeedback device designed by the Russians for their Space Program in the 1980s. SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Electro/Neuro Adaptive Regulator. (more)

Logo RITM OKB ZAO hits Russian Top-100.
RITM OKB ZAO hit into a Silver Top-100 of the Russian National Business Ratings. Our company has been ranked 44th among small business ventures – leaders of production of medical devices in Russian Federation. This was confirmed in the official letter from Mr. Andrei Bondarchuk,Russian National Business Ratings General Director (NRA, earlier NAUFOR RA, Moscow).
The results were summed up on the official statistical reports for 2011–2012.
National Business Rating is an annual independent federal non-governmental program. The evaluation is made on the basis of statistical indicators provided by state statistical authorities of Russian Federation. Methods and criteria of assessing companies’ performance are based on the confirmed statistical data such as sales, profit, resource efficiency, social contribution and investment attractiveness provided by State Statistic Agency.


Dr. Peter H. Lathrop proposed that low voltage electrical current actually recharges the energy level of the cell, which changes the biochemical working of the cell at micro levels. This has been shown in recent studies to increase ATP energy production by up to 500%, and increased protein absorption into the cell between 30 and 40 %... (more)
A fresh amazing testimonial video on Dr. Peter Lathrop's case of a young man partially disabled after a car accident. Perfectly shot and edited (view).

Interview about Scenar with Galina Subbotina, chief trainer of the Scenar Academy in Russia.
Ms. Subbotina is a pediatrician, classical homeopath, reflexology therapist, physiotherapist, wife and companion of Professor Alexander Revenko, who is one of the inventors of Scenar. Galina Subbotina came into Scenar therapy in 1994.
"The main mechanism of Scenar is to control and regulate responses - mainly via the nervous system - from the body and to create a change in adaptation or self-healing reactions.
It's a regulator because it regulates many different dysfunctions, for example hypo or hyper. In one word, in this acronym, you can see and understand everything about its working mechanism".
Dr. Subbotina

Dr. Toni Bark Scenar For Chronic Fatigue And Depression
Toni Bark MD. What is RITM Scenar?
I have mentioned Scenar a few times in my blog mostly regarding pain and injury. The FDA approval for the device is for pain which has been the most common indication for using the device.
However, while in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, I discovered patients describing having more energy and feeling a lifting of their depression and anxiety.
Upon returning the first trip from Haiti, I immediately headed over to Boston University where I was to begin my masters in disaster medicine and informed the department head of my findings. We decided to study the device in research involving returning military personnel who are suffering from anxiety disorders. Fatigue and depression are two complaints which often accompany the disorder. (more...)

CSS Logo Angelo State CSS Researching SCENAR Device
A joint research project being conducted by Angelo State University’s Center for Security Studies (CSS) and Boston University’s Emergency Healthcare Management program could help lead to future health benefits for emergency services responders throughout the U.S.
The project, which got under way April 1, involves testing of the Russian-made Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator, or SCENAR, which is a hand-held electrotherapeutic device FDA approved for non-invasive and non-narcotic treatment of chronic and acute pain, similar to a TENS unit. Originally developed for use by cosmonauts in the Russian space program, the SCENAR has been approved in several other countries to also treat a wider variety of ailments, including nervous system, respiratory, cardiovascular and locomotor disorders. …More

J.Tucker The Modern Office: What's Ahead for 2013
By Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

The doctor has available tools like the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) for fascial therapy, a laser device for quicker healing, a RITM SCENAR®, device for pain control and stimulation of acupuncture points without needles, IASTM tools for fascial therapy while the patient is moving on a BOSU or stability pad to increase range of motion, taping techniques, nutrition recommendations, other modalities, treatment tables (traction, relaxation, etc.) and, of course, the doctor will prescribe exercise therapy.
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is a rehabilitation specialist, lecturer and healer best known for his holistic approach in supporting the body's inherent healing mechanisms and integrating the art and science of RITM SCENAR®, chiropractic, exercise, nutrition and attitudinal health. He practices in West Los Angeles and lectures for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. (more...) and (more...)

Scenar Trademark

Dear colleagues,
We would like to inform you that today the Russian Appellate Court reversed previous decisions of the lower courts concerning the ownership over the Scenar trade mark. The legal right of the manufacturer of Scenar devices, OKB RITM, to sell its products on the world markets using this trademark has been confirmed by the Court.
We congratulate OKB RITM, our long-time partner, with this important victory. It took a long time to get this matter resolved. We all hope that at last Scenar distributors in the US will be able to focus on our work, which is promoting and selling Scenar devices for the benefit of our business and our customers.

OH Obama...Look at Those Arms!
Roland Semprie, Professional Lifestyle Change Consultant / Certified SCENAR Therapist.
Roland Semprie is Co-Owner and President of the SCENAR Centre, the Western Hemisphere’s only private, non-invasive, healing centre where positive results are a reality. Roland is a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES), a Certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist (CZST) with two advanced post graduate certifications, a Certified Fitness Consultant, a Sport Movement Specialist, an Infra-Red Non-Thermal Laser Practitioner, a Certified Acupuncturist, a Jade Stone Massage Therapist and the only Fitness Professional in the world licensed and authorized by Professor Alexander Revenko. (more...)

Advanced Neural Therapy Helps Patients Heal Faster, Pay Less, Live…
Dr. Chiang Mai October
Helping the body heal itself, new advances in neural therapy are helping patients of the G7 Research Foundation heal faster, saving both time and money in the recovery process. Neural therapy is designed to treat medical problems that have previously been resistant to treatment, including auto accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, and other chronic aches and pains. (more...)

Army looks toward new ways to fight the pain.
Soldiers are getting alternative medicine.
Pain psychologist Lewis Sussman, who came to Brooke Army Medical Center in 2007 from Dartmouth's Hitchcock Medical Center, helps fight pain using hypnosis, biofeedback, relaxation therapy and SCENAR, a device that uses a small electric current. It was built to relieve pain for cosmonauts who cannot take medicine, which would contaminate recycled water on board spacecraft. More ...

Corbin Florida Doctor develops cutting edge Alternative Therapy Program to help Veterans in Chronic Pain.
Dr. Corbin takes a western approach to using various modalities such as Auricular Medicine, Acupuncture & RITM SCENAR® to treat Chronic Pain Diagnosed Veterans.
In 1998 the West Palm Veterans Administration Hospital decided to enlist the aid of the University of Miami Complementary Alternative Medicine Dept. in using Alternative Therapies in the Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Department. An initial study using acupuncture similar to an Auricular Acupuncture Study being done in the university was initiated in Chronic Pain Department with patients.
Microsystem Acupuncture therapy on the Ear and Scalp was included with acupuncture points located distal to the knees and elbows. Patients gained a 76 % increase in quality of life based on scales researched during the first year of the acupuncture trial. Alternative Medicine was embraced soon after with Ear, Body and Scalp acupuncture used in conjunction with Russian RITM SCENAR therapy.    (more...)

ACA Scenar Therapy Saves Future Olympian
Here's an interesting story of an Australian athlete that almost did not make the cut (through injury) to the upcoming London Olympics. She has used scenar therapy (a Russian developed healing device) to treat an Achilles tendon problem that nearly ended her Olympic aspirations. ... full story

ACA 2012 ACA Sports Council Symposium, Scottsdale AZ
"Making Plays to Achieve Clinical Excellence" -
July 20th-22nd, 2012
  Tomatex has participated in the recent in Scottsdale, AZ. We took advantage of a unique opportunity to market our business to Sports Chiropractors & Athletic Trainers.
  Offering cutting-edge research and focused on clinical practice, Tomatex introduced RITM Scenar® to the participants of the conference as an effective tool to fight stress, trauma and pain. There was very much interest in Non-Invasive Interactive neuro-stimulation (NIN) Technology !
  Tomatex was represented by Tamara Goncharov, owner of the business, and Dr. Stephen Press, who is a well-known in the industry sports chiropractor, educator, author of multiple publications and books on the therapy of sports injuries. Dr. Press is also a Scenar Therapist. He works with RITM SCENAR Pro devices which are portable, hand-held, computerized devices with state-of-the-art biofeedback capabilities. RITM SCENAR Pro is a seventh generation SCENAR Machine and represents an advanced technology of therapeutic treatment.
Press Dr. Press says,
My first exposure to Scenar device was 25 years ago, in Russia, as they introduced me to a "local stimulator" that was hand-held and with which I was getting pretty impressive results… athletes’ injuries seemed to be healing much faster than expected. These were athletes suffering from various traumas. I was really unaware of the advances in this technology, or of the originally secret nature of the methods, developed for "Star City" (Russia), until a few years ago, when I was re-introduced to Scenar’s new devices.
(read more)

RITM Scenar ® Technology Exhibiting at PT2012 Exhibit at Annual Conference Tomatex has been exhibiting at PT12 expo in Tampa Florida in June 2012
Tatz Dr Tatz, PhD, PT has been using RITM SCENAR for several years and he has very kindly provided us with an endorsement to help us educate other Physic therapist about the pain relieving benefits of RITM SCENAR. Next time you go to the Physical Therapy make sure you think about using your RITM SCENAR!

Tatz, PhD, PT, is the owner of Manhattan Physical Therapy and Body Tuning Studio. A clinical psychologist uses Scenar therapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. Some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Isaac Stern, Lou Reed and Kathleen Turner, swear by his treatments.
The studio, like Dr. Tatz and his practice, is a celebration of functionality and Rirm Scenar has the place it deserves there. You can red Dr. Tatz’s essay "Using a SCENAR Device in a Contemporary Physical Therapy Practice" in the July edition of a PT magazine Advance.
course New course from Dr Tatz addresses the structure and mobility while emphasizing techniques for detecting range limitation, restoring proper alignment, and alleviating pain, discomfort and tension. The techniques draw on a blend of conventional Western physical therapy combined with alternative eastern and western modalities (i.e. auricular therapy, acupressure, Scenar-therapy, Reflex-therapy, yoga, etc.).

Hannover The Center of Intellectual Medical Technologies, located in central Russia (Tomsk), presented SCENAR at the 10th International Congress "Euromedica - Hannover 2012".

Dr. Konstantin Nikitin, a Russian doctor from Siberia, was awarded a medal named after Rudolf Vikhrov and a "Medical Award of Europe" diploma for promoting SCENAR at the 10th International Medical Congress and exhibition "Euromedica - Hannover 2012", which took place on May 31st – June 1st of 2012 in Hannover, Saxony.

The Congress was dedicated to multiple aspects of healthcare and education, in particular, introducing innovative medical science to medical practice.
Dr. Nikitin, a Russian doctor with many years of experience in the Center of Intellectual Medical Technologies, which he founded, successfully treats multiple disorders utilizing an advanced no-drug approach and unique SCENAR technology.

Dr. Nikitin is one of the most experienced practitioners of innovative SCENAR therapy. His methods and techniques of treating spine osteochondrosis complicated by hernia of intervertebral discs utilizing no-drug treatment currently attract attention of medical practitioners in different countries.

The methodology that he created and presented at the Congress was accompanied with the clinical history of 186 patients suffering from hernia of intervertebral discs who were treated with SCENAR.

SCENAR, being an energy-neuro-adaptive regulator with biofeedback capabilities, has an excellent reputation all over the world due to the lack of any known complications to its application.

Representatives of seven countries working with innovative medical technologies were present at the award ceremony.

SCENAR and the Internet business: partners or enemies?
It is a common practice now to sell and buy a SCENAR on the Internet. A buyer may be happy to find a low cost SCENAR device on the internet. However the buyer should question why the price on eBay or some other website is much cheaper than on other sites.
We cannot stress enough that SCENAR is a very complicated device. And it consists of hardware and software. The production of the cases and wires is fairly easy. The most difficult stage of SCENAR production is tuning and certification very few people know how to.
The market is full of devices that resemble the original SCENAR device, but are not correctly tuned or certified. They do not have the correct parameters of energy, mode of diagnostics, and correct and exact mode of AM and Intensities, etc.
Unfortunately it is difficult to determine the authenticity of a SCENAR device without special knowledge and skills.
And that fact makes it extremely dangerous to purchase a low cost SCENAR as a medical device.
We don’t want you to jeopardize your health! We want you to be an informed consumer! And we warn you – buy cautiously, buy smart!!!

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