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SCENAR Devices
SCENAR Professional   FDA cleared
SCENAR Pro Plus   FDA cleared
SCENAR Home device CHANS-01-M (with LCD screen)   FDA cleared
Additional remote electrodes
considerably enhance capabilities of the devices, improve their therapeutic effect, and make the user’s work easier in areas difficult to access
Comb (skull) Probe SE-M01  
Small Probe SE-M02  
Pawns-like electrode SE-M04  
Rectal (vaginal) electrode SE-M05  
Long point probe SE-M09 (curved)  
Long point probe SE-M09A (straight)  
Point electrode with additional changeable contacts SE-M10  
Probe (with small balls on the ends) SE-M11  
Big comb electrode SE-M16  
Reusable electrode - SE-M17 / SE-M17a  
Two-way lead wires for pads and conductive garment electrodes - SE-M18 / SE-M18a  
Electrode Glove SE-M19  
Electrode Sock SE-M20  
Kneecaps and wristlets Electrode SE-M21  
Multi-steel Elictrode SE-M22  
Ophthalmologic electrode SE-M23  
The Energy blanket OLM-01 - comes with an user's manual.
The Energy blanket – Small 43"x63"
The Energy blanket – Standard 86"x63"
The Energy blanket – Large 86"x81"
Additional informational and training materials
Instruction for using SCENAR devices * FREE with SCENAR Pro device!
Special seminar “Use Outside Electrodes” on FLASH * FREE with electrodes!
"General SCENAR therapy for personal and home use" - (CD) (Staravojtov)  
Poster "SCENAR" 27"x38" (image)
"Ritm Scenar for Beginners" (55 pages - Book) (image)
The guarantee term and technical support for SCENAR devices is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Medical Information

It is not the intention of Tomatex LLC to provide specific medical advice but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health and their diagnosed disorders. Specific medical advice will not be provided, and Tomatex LLC urges you to consult with a qualified physician,physical therapist, or other medical professional for diagnosis and for answers to your personal questions.

We are selling SCENAR as a business and for profit. Although SCENAR therapy is the fastest growing drug-free approach to pain relief, it is currently still in the research stage.

Tomatex LLC offers information and equipment so that you can choose to act upon this information at your own discretion.
You should read carefully all product manuals. Tomatex LLC recommends a hands-on trial prior to purchasing equipment. While a piece of equipment may prove beneficial for one person, there is no guarantee that equipment will be beneficial for you or your person with special needs.

Be aware of falsifications. We offer authentic equipment from inventor-manufacturer.

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