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Several characteristics of SCENAR explain why this new non-invasive energy-informational medical technology, aimed at activation of human organism reserves and promotion of its adaptation capacities, has been looked at as the ideal electrotherapy by an increasing number of specialists all over the world.

1. Bipolar electro-impulses

With the development of electrotherapy and electropuncture as a modern form of the classical acupuncture of the East, it has become clear that for successful correction of the pathological changes in the human organism are necessary such electroactions, which are adequate to the natural bioelectric activity, i.e. an electrical current similar in its parameters to the endogen bioelectric regulatory signals.
SCENAR generates exactly such non-damaging in form and duration high-amplitude bipolar electro-impulses, which resemble the physiological bio-currents.
Due to the unique physical characteristics of the SCENAR signal, the probability for excitation of the thin peptidergic C-fibres is manifold higher in comparison with the other methods of electrotherapy. In this way, without disturbance of the cell functions, a maximal part of the nervous tissue is activated, which is necessary for the achievement of optimal adaptation response from the patient’s organism.

2. Bio-feedback

To achieve maximal therapeutic effectiveness it is necessary that the electroaction should change its parameters automatically in accordance with the reaction it has induced in the organism. Such a dynamic co-ordination of the parameters of the influence and the condition of the organism could be achieved only if there is a constant informational biological biofeedback.
SCENAR is the first electrotherapeutic device in the world working on the principle of a real interpreting biological feedback between the device and the body. Reading the permanent change of the skin impedance (resulting from the electroaction), SCENAR constantly modulates the form and the power of its signals.
In the course of the therapeutic process each signal of the device controls the body activity and at the same time is controlled by the constantly changing condition of the organism. As a result each signal is different from the previous one, which prevents the development of accommodation to the action before the organism has generated enough amounts of nevropeptides, necessary for overcoming the pathological process and restoration of homeostasis.

3. Individually dosed influence

The long practical experience has shown that optimal therapeutic effect can be achieved when there is a maximal variability of the acting signal during the therapeutic procedure. A change in the signal form (in connection with the changes of the skin impedance) can be observed only to a certain limit.
In SCENAR technology (again for the fist time in the world), the method of individually dosed influence is realized using as a main criteria the lack of further dynamics of the complex impedance of the skin (i.e. the stabilization of the electro-physiological parameters of the skin and as a result of this and due to the presence of biological feedback stabilization of the parameters of the acting signal).
The individually measured regime practically excludes the possibility of over-dosing and the development of adverse side effects. The SCENAR technology is based on the concept, that the minimal dose, necessary for achieving the desired effect, is the optimal. The emphasis is put on the informational rather than the energetic component of the electrotherapeutic action.
Apart from the unique characteristics of the acting signal and the presence of biological feedback, the considerably higher effectiveness of SCENAR in comparison with the common methods of electrotherapy is due to the possibility of SCENAR - expertise to be carried out during the therapeutic process itself, which permits the evaluation of the effectiveness of the procedure and its optimization effect.

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